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    Keep up to date with CoWorkative, see whats new with us, Follow us on these Social Networks.

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    After months of planning and getting CoWorkative up, I am off on a much need holiday to Cuba (before our real launch on Jan 4th!) Not to worry, feel free to stop by the CoWorkative office for a trial day. Speak to Owen and he will get you set up. If you have any questions, you can call him at 416 888 9960 or email melanie@coworkative.com and we will get back to you shortly. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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    Bring your laptop and grab a seat in our comfy new chairs and visit the new kitchen to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or Hot chocolate.

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    Thanks to Greg Beros – Councillor for Ward 1, Richmond Hill, for coming to visit our new coworking space and showing support and commitment to helping local small businesses grow.

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    As you know the holiday season is upon us, and tis the season for giving so CoWorkative is running a food and toy drive. There are alot less fortunate people out there and all it takes is a nice gesture to put a smile on a persons face. This is the season for giving back. So please help us donate to the less fortunate by dropping off a new unwrapped toy or a few cans of non perisable cans of food. We are located at 12285 Yonge st, Richmondhill main floor CoWorkative offices. Come for a tour or stay for the day.

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    Dec 24 9:30-2:00PM

    Dec 27/28 CLOSED

    Dec 31 9:30-2:00PM

    Jan 3 CLOSED

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    Wise CoWorking Grandmaster Neil made this short presentation for anybody interested in coworking.

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  • Uncategorized 10.12.2010 Comments Off on Site live!

    10 days since we’ve moved in, and finally got the site live and kicking. Please please give us feedback and suggestions.

  • Uncategorized 03.12.2010 Comments Off on WE ARE LIVE!!!

    You heard that right.  CoWorkative officially opened its doors day before yesterday, and in high gear.  With 30 Mbps on download and 1 Mbps of upload, Cat 6 cables for ultra high speed, and brand new tables, we are ready to kick butt, and get down to business.

    For the month of December, we are offering amazing deals on space.  Give us a call now to book your spot today.


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