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    CoWorkative is a coworking space in Richmond Hill that will cater to Entrepreneurs within York Region (graphic designers, journalist, and startups), and people who commute into Toronto to work every day.

    Coworking is defined as the social gathering of a group of people who still work independently, but who share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.

    The concept of CoWorking is to work for yourself, but not by yourself.  The ideal environment is an open concept which encourages interaction between members, and facilitates collaboration.

    In addition to ‘member demos’ where members can show what they are working on to other members, we would host events that would help members with other aspects to running a business.  These can include topics such as accounting, legal, etc.  The facility would act as a pseudo incubator for small businesses in the area.

    CoWorkative can be a place where one can work out of, at a very minimal cost, till they get bigger
    and need to get their own office.

    We believe a space like CoWorkative will act as an incubator for small businesses, and improve their success rate dramatically.  Not only will entrepreneurs have the ability to continuously network and get business from each other in the space, they will also be able to work in an encouraging environment that facilitates camaraderie and creativity.

    In addition to the space primarily catering to independents, it will also be a great outlet for people who work for companies in the GTA.  Such individuals can negotiate with their employers to allow work from this remote location, thereby saving on their commute time, avoiding the gridlock in driving into the GTA, as well as networking with others in the community.  Coworkative can act as a great alternative to working from home, without the constant distraction of the pets, household chores like making dinner, or the distraction of the coffee grinder from working at a coffee shop.

    With centers such as Center for Social Innovation and MaRS Center in Toronto, the Accelerator center in Waterloo and New Work City in New York, this model of coworking incubators is proving to be a very useful tool in helping small businesses get off the ground, and improve their success rate.


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