• Members will have the option of using the facility by a single day, a couple of times a week, or a month to month term.   The cost to the user is very nominal, and much less expensive than a typical shared office space.

    While members do not have to commit to a full month, we do provide incentives for them to do so.

    Charges to rent a table are very reasonable, and may also be less than how much they would spend at a coffee shop if they sat there all day, and drank coffee and ate cookies.

    Rates are as follows:



    Daily rate: $25 / day

    20 hour package : $99

    10 days per month:  $200

    1 month for open desk (bring your laptop): $ 290

    1 month for permanent desk (bring your desktop): $ 325

    Fees include

    -access to conference room,

    -Mailing address,

    -Plenty of white boards,

    -Comfortable ergonomic chairs,


    -Social events,

    -free parking,

    -possible additional monitor borrowing program,

    -free access to over 60 coworking spaces around the world

    -High-speed wired and wireless internet(extra fast using cat 6 cables),

    -and free coffee.



    $25 for non-profit meet up groups
    $200 (4 hours) for a for-profit company
    5% of course/classroom fee for independents. I.e. if you charge $500/person
    for a day seminar, We would charge $25 per person
    20% of course/classroom fee for professional seminars


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