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    The trend of the last decade has been for people to shift away from going into the office, and towards “working from home”.  This had allowed people to be closer to their families rather than the long commute into the GTA every day, as well as get work done at home during the work day.  In addition, the high unemployment rate in the past two years has led unemployed people to start their own business from their home.

    However, as cozy as it can be working from home, it seemed that it was not all it was cut out to be.  There are several distractions throughout the day from kids crying, to walking the dog, to doing the laundry.  These distractions have lowered productivity and not allowed these individuals to concentrate on their work and thus resulted in longer unproductive time at work, rather than more focused productive time.

    The biggest challenge of working from home, is actually working from home.  There is no camaraderie, companionship, or collaboration, and the social aspect of work is all but eliminated.  People who work from home tend to miss this aspect of working with each other, whether it’s going out for lunch, water cooler breaks, or just bouncing ideas and getting feedback from others in the office.

    Shared office spaces closer to a person’s residence have been an option that has been around for a long time.  A typical shared office space involves renting an office or a cubicle in a shared office unit, and sharing a printer, reception area, receptionist, and a printer.  The environment is usually very corporate, where people go in to work, do their work, and leave.  While these have been useful for entrepreneurs, these facilities typically rent only by the month, can be expensive and require the tenant to commit to a term.  There are also usually no initiatives in place for collaboration amongst tenants.

    CoWorking is a twist on this concept, which has shown to be very beneficial to entrepreneurs across the world.


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